How to Make a Cover Page?

Knowing How to Make a Cover Page is Part of Knowing How to Make a Research Paper

Your research paper cover page needs to be error-free and impressive. It is an important aspect of research paper writing. The quality of your research paper will surely be improved by an impressive cover page. Knowing how to make a cover page is part of knowing how to make a research paper. You must meticulously write your front page for it is what will give the first impression of your written work.

The cover page can also make your research work appear more proficiently written. Take some time to think of a good title of your project and make certain that you flawlessly present its other indispensable elements. Cover pages can also help you in capturing the attention of your readers. By creating a front page that is ultimately imposing, you can surely draw more curiosity and your readers —most likely—will keep on reading your work.

Your cover page may be the first part of your written project. However, it is not advisable that you immediately prepare it for numbers of reasons. One is that there might be some changes as you work on your research project. These changes may be the deadline, the specific format or the outline of your front page, and any other specifications which your instructor may ask you to include.

Essential parts of your cover page:

• Date. This is a part which you need to check before printing your cover page. Dates of submission are sometimes adjusted. Inaccurate days can ruin your intended image. Dates must be exact.

• Title of your project. An arresting title to your project can truly create a remarkable paper. The title should be striking for most readers form an opinion based on the paper titles. The first letters of each word must be capitalized, except for articles and conjunctions.

• Your name. State your name, you may include your middle name or place your middle initial. The format of your cover page may also depend on the paper format that you are using. However, some paper outlines like MLA format does not require a title page. Either case, consult your teacher-in-charge, for regardless of the paper format, he will have the final decision on the directions.

• Your professor’s name. Never forget to include the name of your professor. Be one hundred percent sure that you spell it correctly.

You may also take a look at sample research papers to help you accomplish an arresting cover page. These samples may also help you see the common mistakes of beginners when they are creating their research paper cover page. Indeed, there are some things you should not do when cropping up your cover page. You should never use multi-colored fonts, over-sized letters, and never place any other decorations unless specified by your instructor. When you do not know how to make a cover page, take some time to read, there are countless pieces of writings which you can use as to perk up your work.

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