Marketing Term Paper

Find Interesting Topics for Your Marketing Term Paper

Marketing term paper is an academic assignment that is related to the marketing course. Students usually write this kind of the term paper at the end of the academic semester. Term paper is a lengthy paper and requires some time to complete it. That is why start to work on your assignment beforehand.

If you want to produce a high grade term paper, you should follow the next essential steps:

1. Marketing is a broad subject, so you have an opportunity to choose among the great scope of topics.

The term paper structure should include the following elements:

– title page
– table of contents
– introduction
– main body
– conclusion
– bibliography or references

Title page is the easiest part in writing the term paper. Still you should write it with no errors. Write your name, the name of your instructor and your university or college affiliation (the name of the university you study at, your course name and number). You should center-align the title. Do not put any punctuation mark after the title. Do not forget to point out the submission date.

Try to organize the table of contents of your marketing term paper in such a way so the readers could clearly see the headings and sub-headings of your paper. Opposite to each heading or subheading put its page number.

The main aim of the introduction is to inform the readers about the research topic and create their interest in reading the whole term paper. Start the introductory part with a brief outlining of the area of investigation. Then smoothly proceed to the topic of your term paper. Write why the chosen topic is important. Underline its scientific significance. State the aim of your paper and the main research question that should be answered in the concluding paragraph. You may also make a brief outline of current researches about the topic of the term paper.

Be ready to devote a lot of time on term paper main body writing. As it is the longest part of the paper, it should be divided into paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. In every paragraph you should state the main point or idea which you have to develop further in an intelligible throughout the whole paragraph. In order to support your statements you may want to quote some issues. Make sure that all your quotes are used with proper punctuation and there is reference to each idea that is not on your own.

In the concluding part you may underline the results that you found out from your research. Give summary of all the major points of your term paper. If you have any suggestions for further investigation of the term paper topic, you may write them in the conclusion.

Place all the books that you used for your term paper in an alphabetical order. Make sure you stick to the required citation style. You may look in term paper samples how other students organized the bibliography.

At the end of the paper you may add some visual material (graphs, figures, charts, statistics etc).

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