Write the Action Research Papers

Learn How to Write Action Research Papers

There are many various types of research papers that you may required to write. They are: analysis research papers, psychology research papers, APA format research papers, business research papers etc. One of these types is action research papers.

Action research papers are such kind of research papers in which students put down their thoughts. Here they express their opinion how to find the solution to the problem, suggest a large amount of ideas how to avoid and, moreover, overcome them.

To make your action research writing easier, you have to select an interesting research topic first. You may simply find it in the book while scanning the pages. Or just turn on the computer, make a search in the Internet sources and collect some information. While choosing the topic for your paper, pay attention to the following factors:

1. There should be enough versatile material on the topic.
2. The information should up-to-date and interesting to public.
3. You should fell confident about this topic which means possessing enough knowledge.

When the topic of your paper is set, do not forget to make spell-check of your action paper. Reread your action essay for more than 5 times in order to have a chance to correct some mistakes in spelling, in using correct grammar forms and in logical organization of the sentences. After that, consult your advisor as to some general ideas. He will inform you the next steps you are supposed to do.

In order to write and then present the action research paper for the best result, please pay attention to the structure of the research paper given below. This guideline will be useful when you feel confused with the format style required:

1. The title page
2. Abstract
3. Introduction with a thesis statement
4. Literature review
5. Methodology
6. Discussion
7. Conclusion
8. References (here you have to mention the full list of your literature sources in the alphabetical order. The Internet sources are to be put at the end of the list)

If you want to write a successful action project, be attentive to the length of the work. Actually, you need to make deep, substantial, fundamental and detailed research in your investigative work but excluding unnecessary information.
When you have finished writing your work, think over the best ways to present your project. To make it vivid and worth to be high-marked, you may use different presentations: schemes, tables, drawings, etc. Of course, more desirable will be presentations like PowerPoint or Word and some materials on CD: dialogues, stories, abstracts from the text concerning to the particular action research topic.

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